Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Something tells me she's CRAY-ZEE...

Of all the kind words written after Jeff's passing by the Worcester press and especially by the members of the local blogosphere, I was perhaps most pleased with the lack of any "contribution" by InCity Times publisher and ranter-in-chief Rosalie Tirella.  I figured she was busy with one of her typical projects: using to ICT website to liveblog the saga of her deadbeat neighbor allegedly trying to steal her boyfriend by flashing him, cut-n-pasting press releases from groups like PETA for publication in her newspaper, yelling at passing clouds, etc. 

Unfortunately, she decided to weigh in on the continuation of Jeff's Worcester Blogroll project by Nicole Apostola and Mike Benedetti yesterday with one of her patented grammatically atrocious screeds, the lowlight of which was her attempting to assess my mother's mental state due to her having committed the terrible sin of doing something nice for people Rosalie doesn't like.  Since my mother shouldn't have to lower herself by responding to this garbage, I thought I'd take one for the team and send Rosalie a message:


I'm Jeff Barnard's stepson, and I only just became aware of your recent posting on the InCity Times site.  I wanted to try and clear up a few points for you:

- The Worcester Blogroll that was taken over by Mike and Nicole is an entirely separate entity from Jeff's blog, WormtownTaxi, which will be staying up "as is" for the foreseeable future.

- As Jeff's illness progressed the Blogroll was essentially mothballed, much to his dismay; by its nature, it requires constant updating, which he simply did not feel up to doing.

- My mother freely offered to turn the Blogroll over to Mike and Nicole after I passed along a message inquiring as to its status, as she had no interest in maintaining the site.

- No money was ever spent on or made from the Blogroll; it is simply a collection of links to local content on a Blogger site, which costs nothing to set up.

Finally, I'd like to take issue with the general tone of your post and especially with the title/headline, which I found to be particularly crass; regardless of your feelings towards Mike and Nicole and any previous dealings you've had with them, my mother has been through quite a lot in the past few months and does not deserve to have someone making assumptions in print (digital or otherwise) about her feelings, motivations, state of mind, etc.  If you ever feel the need to write anything else about my family, please feel free to contact me as opposed to simply making things up and misspelling everyone's names.

Since Rosalie seems to enjoy embarrassing herself in public, I assume any response will also end up being posted on the ICT site; if not, I’ll be sure to follow up here.


zed said...

I'm sure your family's been through alot and I sympathize because I regularly followed Jeff's blog.

I respect your opinion about Rose but I defend her right to hers. I can't understand the wisdom of grieving relatives reading articles and/or comments they may find offensive.

Let it go, it's blogger gamesmanship and it really doesn't amount to much.

Sean said...

Rosalie is certainly entitled to her own opinion, but she is not entitled to her own facts. Her accusation that Mike and Nicole took advantage of a grieving widow to hijack Jeff's website is patently false, not to mention slanderous. If she wanted to know what the deal was with the Blogroll, she simply could have asked the parties involved instead of weaving a tale of deathbed betrayal, glory-seeking, and financial misdeeds that has no basis in reality.

zed said...

Facts are always disputed when parties disagree. I don't read InCity for facts because Rosie has her own reality. She does write some slanderous shit and facts are often absent in her rants. But I think many of us take into account the source, shake our heads at the loony toon and move on.


Sean said...

Unfortunately, there are those who *do* take Rosalie seriously. I was rooting for her in the early days of the ICTimes, because I thought that there were voices in the city that weren't being heard via the T&G and WoMag. Sadly, Rosalie decided to turn a potential "true" alternative paper into a platform for her to spew venom and rant about her chaotic life. Fortunately, many of those "lost Worcester voices" have managed to carve out a collective online presence, due in no small part to Jeff's efforts and inspiration. Perhaps Rosalie feels left out, or perhaps she is envious because she realizes that she could have had a hand in creating something of real value if it wasn't for her being...well, HER.

T-Traveler said...

keep on blogging Sean, u have a unique voice!